1. Love Thing

From the recording Gleeson and Moore


Love Thing (Gleeson and Moore)
Every day ain’t no holiday
Sometimes life stands in the way
Harsh times even got Romeo and Juliet Samson and Delilah were one one hot mess
Friends are always asking what’s are deal Seems we ain’t never lost that thrill
Ain’t nothin’ but a love thing
Tied together by a heart string
Fresh as air after a summer rain
Never ever the same, same, same Sometimes an ember sometimes a flame Rollin’ steady like freight train
You can hear it comin’ bing, bang, clang Ain’t nothin but a love thing
Temptation can smile, swish and sway I find myself a lookin’ the other way Oh no brother, I’m not blind
I got a real love on my mind
She’s got more honey than Tupelo
She keeps me beggin’ for more, more, more
Repeat Chorus